Thursday, June 12, 2014

Look Chic on Country Style

 HOWDY EVERYONE! Today's inspiration is goin' country. As you all know, i'm a huge fans of country music, cowboy boots, western look, well hmm, everything about country. I used to call my self a country girl, even though i live in a big city. 
The dress i wear is from Guess Marciano. The thing i love about dresses by Guess is because they always have country details in their stuffs. Take a look at the detail on my back, the tassel behind my dress, it's just so cute. The dress looks so pretty, feminine, and elegant in some ways, but at the same time also looks cute & playful, especially from the back.
(click on the images to enlarge)

 The boots i wear is a cowboy boots that my dad gave me from U.S. It's one of my favorite boots at home. I just love the shape, the pattern & the color of the boots, #thanks Dad! 
The bag is a cute leather bag from Gallardagante, the color looks so country, but the design is perfectly fit for young people like us. 
For the final touch, i put on some details, bracelets and earrings. On my upper arm, it is a unique upper arm bracelet from the I Am. Take a detail look on my upper arm, the bracelet looks like a little gold snake go around your upper arm. Also the other bracelet on my lower arm, is from Blink, the design is so county, like a woven or something. And the last, the earrings, also from Blink, it is a medium long earrings made from some red sparkling stones. It is just so pretty!

Well, there you go, have a good day everyone, hope it is inspiring. Yeehaaww!


// dress by Guess Marciano // bag by GALLARDAGALANTE // bracelet & earrings by Blink // upper arm bracelet by I am // 


  1. lovely black dress :)

  2. so chic! i like your dress
    thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is just as lovely!

    you have a new follower nadieyaa :)

  3. You look divine, love the upper arm bracelet.

    Meg |

  4. thanks for your comment hun, followed you via gfc & bloglovin :)


  5. omg that twitter bird floating around your blog is so cute. i like the outfit, ive always wanted a good pair of cowboy boots, they go with so many things

    xx hersilvershoes

  6. I love your outfit, especially your boots..hehe

    btw, would you mind to follow each other? Let me know,

  7. you pulled it off nicely along with the boots! hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like!

  8. really cute black dress!! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment :)

  9. You pulled off every bit of it. Loved this post.
    Thanks for sharing this post here. Would
    you like to follow each other via GFC
    Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know!


  10. Great outfit hun! And I do love those boots :)

    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  11. Great boots - very country! X

  12. That's a nice dress!

    You have a new follower here!
    I would be more than happy to see your name on my list as well.

    Froso M.
    Style Nirvana

  13. Great post! I love this outfit and look on you~ ^^
    -Kiyomi xx

  14. love your bag!! following you now, follow me back? :)

  15. lovely look

  16. Amazing shoes. Love love love!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I followed you, hope you'll follow me back soon xx

  17. Such a cute outfit. I feel like I need to get a pair of cowboy boots for my closet!

  18. Cute dress! I love the arm accessory.
    You have a wonderful blog! I'm following you now on bl and gfc :)

    <3 Emi
    silver & lemon

  19. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog love! Love how you collaged these photos xx

  20. You look lovely:)Nice pictures

  21. Great post!
    Fashion show of Ukrainian designer

  22. you look lovely!
    i have just followed your blog via GFC
    follow mine if you like it <3
    style frontier

  23. like your black dress !
    you look so great < 3

  24. lovely black dress..

    with Love
    Bella luna


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