Friday, February 28, 2014

Evening Fine Dinning/ Cocktail Style

On the left picture is one of my evening looks for fine dinner. This dress is my own creation. It is a simple dress with some nice layers from top to the bottom.

In this occasion, I wore a lot of pearls for the details to enhance the looks of the dress. I also choose pearls because the theme was 'beach/ ocean'. My wedges is from Marc & Spencer "Autograph" collection. It is highly recommended, because it is very very soft & comfortable to wear daily! (you even can walk fast or run with it when you hurry). To fit up the look, i also brought my Burberry navy blue leather bag that i bought from Japan. 

(click the image to enlarge) 

As you see in the bottom picture, this fine layers dress also available in other color, a very soft pale pink. Contrary to the blue one, I wore the pink version of the dress for a casual lunch at an indoor Mall.

In this case, i minimized the using of accessories because it should be a casual occasion. I only put a fancy ring on my finger and that's all. The bag i brought is a fine leather bag from Paris. It has a unique shape, combination of vintage, classy, a little quirky but also contemporary.

This dress can be taken both to the formal or even a casual occasion. I love this dress because it is simple but chic, it is definitely one of my favorite collection. Hope you all like it like I do.

Nadieyaa Gibb

// dress by Glam is Everything by Nadieyaa Gibb // leather blue navy bag by Burrberry // shoes by Autograph Marc & Spencer // watch by Essence //
(for the blue dress)

// dress by Glam is Everything by Nadieyaa Gibb // leather handbag by Pelle Paris // shoes by Autograph Marc & Spencer //  floral ring by Blink //
(for the pink dress)

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