Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally "Glamour is Everything" is online!


After passing a lot of brainstorming, ton of ideas and many times day-dreaming, finally "Glamour is Everything" is here!

"Glamour is Everything" is my idealism, a simple lifestyle which adds thousand touch of glamour and luxury in every detail. I love having simple glam looks for my fashion style, i love adding touch of glamour to my home/living, also to my design and art things, and since i do a lot of music's things, then i also love to add glamour in my performance. 

Here, i will share everything related to glamour things, which doesn't always need to be expensive.

I can't wait posting new page in this blog, or 
showing my glamour art/design, or
sharing lovely glamour things, or
how i mix-and-match glamour stuffs in my fashion & music (especially because i mostly play country music which is way far far away from the word glamour), or
tips/news about how to have authentic glamour stuffs with lower/affordable price, or
maybe authentic 'used' stuff..

Nadieyaa Gibb

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